Beautiful Flowers of all Kinds

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Flowers are the embodiment of beauty. We give them to loved ones on special occasions, use them to decorate our homes, and even offer them to friends when they’re feeling blue. And, no matter what the occasion, there are flower varieties enough for anyone to fall in love with!

At our flower nursery in Brunswick County, NC, you’ll find a huge selection of different flower types, tended to and cared for in a way that helps them grow vibrant and strong. No matter your favorite color, your favorite varietal or the aesthetic you’re looking to create, you’re sure to find the perfect flowers at Phillips Nursery Inc.

Our highly trained, seasoned florists spend time cultivating only the best selection of flowers and flowering ornamentals in Brunswick County, NC, giving our visitors a truly unique experience when they come to us for flowers. And, whether you’re planting them in your own garden or giving them to a friend, you’ll have no shortage of alluring options to choose from, including:

Above are just some of our favorites—depending on the time of year or the cycle of the season, we have dozens and dozens of other options to choose from! When you visit us, you’ll be met with a sea of color, a wave of heavenly aromas and a feeling of bliss that only flowers can create.

We encourage you to stop by today to see what’s growing in our greenhouses—we’re certain you’ll find flowers to fall in love with. Moreover, we also have pots and potting supplies to help your flowers flourish wherever you choose to plant them. Give us a call today at 910-253-6692 for more information about the flowers we currently have in stock or to inquire about a specific type you might be looking for.